Germany Migrants

In 2015, the German government opened the borders of the country for migrants. The flow of migrants from Iraq, Syria and other countries of the Middle East flooded the country. Then, two years ago, the Germans cheered the migrants with joy. They gave them clothes, helped in search of food and gave shelter. Why, after 3 years, did the attitude towards migrants in Germany change for the worse?

Many believe that in 2015, Germany decided to take a risky step. At that time, no one knew what a problem for Germany and Europe would result in a policy of receiving refugees. However, even after it became clear to everyone that most of the arriving migrants should not benefit, Germany did not change its policy, but, on the contrary, continued to accept the endless streams of refugees.

Later, the situation in Germany began to get out of control of the authorities. A huge number of visitors flooded the cities of Germany, creating in different parts their communities. Along with this, the attitude of the inhabitants of Germany to migrants began to change. Openness was replaced by caution, and hospitality – with fear and all-round criticism. And this is not surprising, because some events, in the center of which were refugees, will forever remain in the memory of the people, whose serenity was violated. The incident in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, the attack on the Christmas fair in Berlin became a real shock for the German society, which felt cheated.

In an interview with the Polish magazine “Do Rzeczy”, Rebecca Sommer, the founder of one of the refugee assistance associations in Germany, warned of the imminent outcome of the Germans in Poland because of the migrants who flooded the country. She said that migrants threaten the habitual way of life of the Germans. She also added that German citizens are ready to move to Poland and Hungary, only because the situation with migrants there is quite different.

One can not ignore the fact that, from the experience of the past two years, the German government, during the celebration of the New Year 2018, was forced to create security zones from migrants. A few days ago, journalists of “Berliner Morgenpost” claimed that on the New Year’s eve in Berlin, 37 sexual attacks, and about 600 crimes were registered. Not surprisingly, that in official police reports, these figures were greatly understated.

At present, no one denies the problems associated with the flow of migrants to the country. However, such behavior by official authorities demonstrates the inability to protect their citizens from the danger that threatens them. I do not want to say that all migrants who arrive are bad. Nevertheless, most of those who come, behave like at home and do not comply with the laws of the host country. Thus, they spoil relations with all migrants. I am sure that if Germany doesn’t start evicting migrants from country, then soon in the news will be talking about the Germans, seeking a shelter in Poland, Hungary or another country in Europe.